08 ledna 2013

Do you come from a small or large family?

  1. Do you come from a small or large family?
My family is quite large. I have an older brother who is twenty-two and studies at university, so he does not live with us any more. He just comes from time to time for a weekend or when on holidays or school break. In summer, he usually goes abroad to work or travel. I am the second one and I also have a younger sister who is fifteen and so she still lives with the rest of the family. Since my brother left I have had my own room, I don’t have to share it with anybody. My mum comes from quite a large family; she has four brothers and sisters so I have foruteen cousins from that side of the family. My dad is an only child. I think is better to have brothers and sisters and a lot of cousins because it’s more fun. But for parents it must be difficult.

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