16 ledna 2013

What does your house/flat look like?

2. What does your house/flat look like?
The biggest room in our flat is the living room with a sofa, some furniture and a balcony where my mum grows a lot of plants. One of the living room corners is also used as a study where there is a desk with a computer on it. Next to i tis my parent’s bedroom with a double bed and wardrobes. This room is quite small, the same size as mine and my sister’s room. I used to share my room with my older brother but since he left it has been only mine. All rooms open into the kitchen which is rectangular in shape and not very spacious. There is just enough space for the kitchen unit, a smaller dining table, a fridge and a pantry which is rather a wardrobe for good. There i salso a small bathroom with a bath tub, basin and a  toilet. There is a small utility room next to the entrance hall. We can also store some things down in the cellar. Here we keep our bicycles, skis, my father’s tools and potatoes and stewed fruit in winter.

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