14 ledna 2013

Would you ever adopt a child or foster a child?

5. Would you ever adopt a child or foster a child?
Some childless couples decide to adopt a child from a foster-home. I tis usually a very difficult and quite problematic thing to do. It takes ages since you apply for a child till you really „get“ a child home and in the meantime, children grow older and find it more difficult to adapt to a new home. Some children also have speacial Leeds; they are for instance disabled or suffer from some diseases. Anyway, all of them have been at least partly neglected so it takes a lot of time and patience to bring them up. The care that usually precedes adoption  is called foster care. Some people don’t have the neceséry patience and courage for adoption but still want to help children in need so they at least provide money to a particular child from a developing country for education, food, etc., though they might never see them personally. Anybody can foster a child like this, even a school class. I think that adoption or foster care is a very demanding thing to do, and I am not sure whether I would have the neceséry courage, time and determination to do that. But who knows, everything is possible.

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